(Stay) Home Sweet Home

The past few days have been both frustrating and inspiring. On one hand Covid-19 has come to disrupt all of our lives in some extremely inconvenient ways. Who knew one could ever have such a deep appreciation for toilet paper? Most of us have had to put our lives on pause and stay home, or if you are dependent on work outside of the home, you have had to take new measures to ensure safety. Although I have found myself a little stir-crazy and a little upset at times, what has most surprised me is how much appreciation I have found in things, such small things, that I have really taken for granted or never noticed.

Being home for a week has meant that my house has never been so clean, and with that, I have noticed little details in our home that I have really taken comfort in over the past few days. In the rush of buying, working, and interacting, I sometimes forget to appreciate what I already have. So, yesterday I spent a little time in each room of our house, picking out my favorite spots. I would love to see your favorite spaces! If you want to join the fun, use the hashtag "stayhomesweethome" on instagram! I will see you there!

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