October Round Up

Before I started my photography business, I always saw the memes from other photographers about the absolute chaos that is October. Like, October for photographers is basically the Mayhem commercials. I thought maybe it was an exaggeration. Nope. Although photography is technically my side hustle, this month I feel like I have been working two full-time jobs. Cleveland, TN people love their fall photography sessions!

With that being said, though, despite the work demands, I have loved it. You can't photoshop or replicate these colors. Fall is certainly a photographer's dream. It also helps that my clients are also incredible! I have had so much fun capturing sweet moments between mother and daughter, the final season for seniors in high school, and the beginning of wedding season for beautiful couples.

I thought I would show you guys my top favorite images of October to celebrate the best month of the year!

Happy Halloween!

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