Malakai + Savannah | Engaged

Lee University, Cleveland TN

Whenever I hear that a couple met in high school, it usually starts with a romantic story. A senior trip, a prom proposal, a meet-cute with books falling in the hall. So it took me by surprise when I asked Savannah how the two met, and she replied with a laugh, "We met in high school. But he didn't like me." Clearly that did not last! Her beauty, wit, and kindness eventually won him over! It was apparent the moment they got out of the car when we met for their engagement session at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

I had met Savannah early on in a coffee shop to discuss her day. I loved how laid back she was despite being in the throws of wedding planning. Her response: "Honestly, what matters most is that Malakai and I are married. Thats what I care about." It was clear that Malakai felt the same when I met him a few weeks later for their session. Every time I asked if they were up for a particular pose or location, Malakai would simply say, "If Savannah wants it, we will do it." It's a hard thing to keep priorities straight when planning a wedding. Often the invitations, the venue, the groom's cake, the first dance, the happy hour--all these things are given priority. Its often hard to remember that what is most important is that the bride and groom say "I do" at the end of the evening. Although it might seem like such a small thing, both Malakai and Savannah know what is most important. And its this fact, this recognition of a first priority, that I know they will live a real happily ever after.

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