Latishua and Josh | Maternity

Latishua and I have worked together as teachers for a few years now even though our paths rarely cross. She is a math teacher (God bless her) while I am over in the English department. Everyone has that coworker who you always enjoy seeing in the halls and make plans to hangout. Latishua is every bit that coworker. She is bright and glowing (even before her sweet baby bump!). I was so excited when I set out the meet them on their shoot, mostly because I've just wanted an excuse to hangout!

Downtown Chattanooga

I am usually a woods and fields kinda girl but when Latishua mentioned she wanted some beautiful architecture in her shots, downtown Chatt. was the perfect location. We had so much fun exploring while capturing some beautiful moments along the way.

Can't wait to meet your sweet baby boy!

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