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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Seiberling Mansion, Kokomo Indiana

Recently I drove up to Kokomo, Indiana to shoot Nicole and Kolton Gifford’s wedding at the stunning Seiberling Mansion. This is the furthest I’ve driven for a wedding. Seven and a half hours total, not counting all the stops along the way. Bless her heart, my mom decided to come with me to make the hours pass a little easier. When she asked why I was taking on a wedding in Indiana of all places, I explained that, first of all, I just love this couple. Both of them being Lee students, I was able to do their engagement pictures a few months prior, and I fell in love with the two the minute I met them. So when Nicole asked if I would travel for their wedding, I couldn't help but say yes. They are beautiful both on the inside and out and just the best of the best. But it doesn’t hurt that they are absolutely gorgeous. These two are stunning individuals and when I showed my picture to my mom, she replied “Dang your right. They are stunning.”

Then she asked, "Why Indiana? Would their family be traveling in to see them?" I replied that all of their family lives here. They are high school sweethearts. They followed each other to Cleveland together to attend college together. When I think of all the reasons why I love this wedding, the couple definitely comes first. These two are just so sweet and incredible together. In fact when we had their first look, I think I might have been as giddy as they were because you could see just the pure joy on Kolt's face while seeing his bride for the first time. It was a beautiful moment just the two of them together.

This venue was in a picture-perfect small town. In fact, my husband and I have been binging Gilmore girls for the third time, and I must say it has a definite Stars Hallow feel. Even the stores had little plaques of who decorates the best at Christmas. The venue was incredible. It was at a beautiful mansion, built by the man who created the first car and stainless steel! And right next door was a beautiful Tudor style home called the Elliot House where the bridal party got ready. The entire wedding from start to finish was all outside, and for a natural light photographer, this is the dream.

The couple and venue is just two of the many reasons why I loved this wedding. Another big plus, this bridal party was awesome. They were so much fun. Kolt has two brothers that are in the wedding and it was great to watch the interaction between the three of them and Nicole’s sister and friends are just wonderful, beautiful girls. I had probably one of the best times getting to document their reception. They literally danced from the moment the DJ started until people were putting up the tables at the very end.

As the reception was going on and Kolt and Nicole had finished their first dance, the party music started and everyone began to make their way to the dance floor, I was able to watch as this couple and their friends and family began to truly celebrate the biggest moment of these two peoples’ lives. I realized what an absolute blessing it is to have a job where I get to witness and be a part of someone’s best day. How cool is that? I get to be the person behind the camera who captures the memories of someone’s most significant moment. And in 10, 20, 30 years, when they are reflecting back on this time, they can look at these pictures and remember the incredible day they had with their friends and family on the dance floor, learning how to do the wop, and toasting to each other, and celebrating one perfect couple.

I am so glad and so thrilled that Nicole and Kolt were a reminder to me of why this work is so important. Because getting to capture their love is something I, too, am always going to remember.

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