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After seven months, we have finally wrapped up the decor in the living room! When we first saw our home, very little was done. The drywall was up, but that was mostly it. No paint, no wood floors, no trim, no kitchen cabinets. It was a blank canvas. But we could see the potential--the high ceilings, large windows, open concept. I was in love. As soon as we walked in we knew. We put in an offer that day. We visited the house every week to closing, excited to see what new element might be added that day. Would the cabinets finally be in? What would the dark hardwood look like? Our closing day was pushed back a few days, then a week, then a few weeks. We ended up closing a month after the original date, but despite all of the hassle, despite the longing and anticipation, it was worth it. We finally had a place that truly felt like home.

The living room might be my favorite. I love the natural tones we added, the rustic pieces matched with more modern colors. Pops of blues and my plants that I have now kept alive for over a year (go me!). I think it fits us perfect.

Just like most of the other rooms, we added pieces that meant a lot to us. When Brian and I were first discussing our move, the first thing I told him was that I wanted a space large enough and a table big enough to fit all of our friends. We wanted to make our home a place where everyone has a seat at the table. We knew the farm house table I was eyeing was way out of our price range... so what did my amazing husband do? He built me one. Our table, built with the hands of my hubby, will be heirloom that we can pass own to our own kids one day.

A few other little details:

My basket wall was actually completed under $30! Except for two, the majority of the baskets were found in thrift stores, antiques stores, and Habitat for Humanity.

The log centerpiece on our coffee table was actually cut and made by my father-in-law! He made about 20 of them for our rehearsal dinner when we got married.

Hope you enjoy!

Coffee table: Wayfair Hall Table: World Market

Couch: Ashley Furniture Hall Mirror: TJ Maxx

Chair: TJ Maxx Large Vase: Target (Hearth and Hand)

Pillows: TJ Maxx

Living Room Lamps: TJ Maxx

TV Stand: Target

Clock: Hobby Lobby

Feel free to leave a comment with what you think or if you have a question about any piece I missed!

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