Erica + Conner | Engaged

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Last night I got to meet Conner and Erica, and after just a few minutes I fell in love with this sweet couple! They met at Lee where they started out as “just friends,” but that clearly did not last for long. Who could deny how perfect they are together? They were engaged in June, and judging by their pictures, Conner went all out, proposing by a lake with the cutest set up!

Our session was full of great conversation, laughs, and, unfortunately, a ton of bug bites! But these two were absolute troupers. We pushed through, and they stayed smiling and sweet for the entire session. Of course Erica is beautiful, but Conner was definitely the surprise! He lit up for the camera, clearly supporting his sweetheart.

Their engagement session was full of all the good things. I was just honored to spend the evening with this sweet couple and cannot wait to see what is in store for them!

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