I am a wife, teacher, lettering enthusiast, coffee-drinker, and dog mom. I fell in love with photography when I was still only in middle school when my mother bought me my first film camera. I took pictures of everyone and anything. When I reached high school, I joined the yearbook committee and found a place to channel that creativity. I ended up participating in that club for the next four years, loving every moment of capturing timeless moments for myself and my peers. After high school, I went to Lee to major in journalism and photography, but I took one education course and it changed my world. Beginning of sophomore year, I changed my major to English Education and have been a high school English teacher for five years. Although I love teaching, I never forgot my first passion, which is why I am so blessed that I can do a little of both. 

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I'm an absolute dog mom. My hubby and I have a sweet beautiful beagle named Hazelnut, AKA Hazel, AKA Sweet Beagle Princess. She's a complete miracle dog. When we first got her, we noticed the day of that she seemed extremely docile for a pup. Over the next twenty four hours, she got sicker and sicker. We took her to the vet only to discover that she had parvo. After five days of treatment, we were told she would have to have an extremely costly surgery to survive. As we were in the vet's office, wrestling with such heart-wrenching decision, the vet ran into the room and shouted that she was eating for the first time in days! My husband ripped up the papers and we took our sweet pup home. She's now three and is our whole world. 


Brian and I met in 2009 in an English class at Lee University. I had a big crush on him, but he barely noticed me as I generally always wore sweats because I had softball practice immediately after class (I was a pitcher!). One day I had to dress up for a presentation and the next day he asked for my number. He proposed on December 10th, 2011, setting up a video in the very class we met and popped the question in front of a huge Christmas tree at Lee (my favorite spot during the holidays). Since then he has been my ride or die, Chip to my Joanna, best thing that every happened to me. My favorite part of shooting weddings is getting to remember my big day when I married such an incredible man of God. 

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